*Dick heads, Pride and Improper Behaviour! R.I.P to the girl you used to see!*

There are many, many, things in life that you eventually look back on and question for various reasons and I am pretty sure this reflection never ends, until our lives do.

When I was really down I felt helpless, like I had to just sit listen, agree, plead, hate myself, worry… It seems I have had my reflection period this time way quicker then normal.

It turns out that now I have my strength back i.e. Happiness, self-awareness, a clear MIND for fuck sake, I now realize all the things certain people (including family) have done to upset me… Some of which have upset me much more than I have ever upset them, so why the fuck am I always so sorry?

Why do we crawl back to people who don’t deserve it and back down when we are in the right JUST because we are at our weakest? We all know wrong from right and the simple fact is, some people just don’t deserve you, I believe in second chances, but three strikes your out. (This doesn’t really apply in relationships unless the person has fucked up something chronic three times)

Now when a certain idiot decide to be rude to you, (We are all guilty sometimes, just some of us are worse than others) upset you, snap at you, bitch at you, raise their voice for no reason, they are making that choice! They are not puppets, no strings are being pulled and they need to learn how to respect people, how to have discipline and self-control.

Now if your anything like me when you are crazy angry it doesn’t matter who crosses you, who’s around (even my boss) you’re the same towards them all and apologize in advance for your moody face, but that was then and this is now and now is the time to take control, more importantly to realise that words are very powerful, don’t hurt people when they don’t deserve it.


Sometimes you have to sit tight and observe the person in questions movements and how they talk, address and react towards others. If you notice the person is NOT treating others like they are you, there is a problem!

The easiest way of explaining this is DICK HEAD FACTOR, some people have like a 1/3 of their brain running on this very destructive and unhealthy input (Like a giant sim card in their skull!), these are people who manipulate, control, belittle, blame and don’t generally take responsibility for their lives and actions.

My personal advice is to address these people about all of their crazy little issues and if they care about you, they will listen and come correct. If this DICK HEAD continues to carry out there destructive behaviour, cut them out and never look back because you know you are BETTER then that and if someone else was telling you about a similar situation you would tell them to FUCK THEM OFF. So now is the time to take our own advice!

Be strong enough to not need anyone, wanting people is great and normal and especially when you KNOW they are worthy and add value to your life, you should only NEED people when they are the best, especially when LOVE is involved, this way you will never be left lonely because you will always have yourself.


So if you are a certified Queen or King, don’t reshuffle the pack… As you might end up with a Joker! = ]

I rest my case…


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  1. Whilst there is merit to much that you write here, I think that you have forgotten one fundamental. In every relationship – friends, lovers, spouse whatever, there are two people. The human condition means that all of us of occasion will be dick heads for whatever reason. Deciding to cut those people out of your life because they happened to be so does not make sense. There may be many reasons why they are behaving as such and none of us can profess to never saying or doing something to upset someone (however unintentially) due to something that may be going on it our own lives. People may not be ‘worthy’ as you put it all the time and that is probably the time when they need you the most – not a time when you should be thinking of removing them from your life …..just some thoughts x

    1. MM, Thanks for your comment and feedback I appreciate you sharing, I think I worded some of it incorrectly or maybe didn’t fully explain some of my points in the best way I could of, what I mean is indeed every relationship has ups and downs and people can be dick heads for various reasons, what I mean is when someone is being like that towards you ONLY for no apparent reason and still quite pleasant to everyone else, that is more what I was getting at in terms of cutting them out if they wont let you in. I also said that three strikes your out meaning when this person seriously upsets you constantly when it is really not deserved, you know that that’s just the way they are and sometimes (as I am sure you have experienced to) we need to just walk away. Maybe that applies more to acquaintances although I do have family members I feel the same way about and people that you are not that close too and perhaps I should have made that clearer. I often am the “Shoulder to cry on” and “Agony Aunt” so I totally get what you mean about when they need you most as I would describe myself as a very loyal friend who often drops things to run to a friends rescue, what I mean is if they don’t let you in and push you away, there is little you can do about it. I understand and appreciate your comment and hope this makes what I wrote a little clearer as I wouldn’t want to mislead, so thanks for pointing this out. X

  2. GOOD BLOG!! Enjoyed reading it! Check mine out sometime!!

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