*What are you waiting for?*


There was once an old woman I used to know as a child  and no this is actually a real story, (adopted Nan if you will) who waited her whole life to be happy, the last I heard before she passed was she was still waiting. Do you ever find yourself kind of sitting in lives waiting room, killing time, waiting for happiness, waiting for the big love, the green light, better times, a bridge to appear so you can get over it all perhaps???

What are you really waiting for: courage, permission, your turn, zero risk, the right moment, a sign or guarantee?

Listen to me darling, the only thing guaranteed in life is tax and death, you should know this by now… Are you really waiting or just stalling? Is your waiting game really necessary or are you just secretly afraid to commit, to participate and to risk giving yourself? Sometimes waiting is a cover up for fear, self-doubt, unworthiness or just not taking responsibility for your life.

The WAIT problem is a common block of happiness, love and success. In real fact there is no need to wait. Happiness awaits you. Love awaits you. They await your choice, acceptance and a sign from you, a simple yes! The longer you wait, the longer you cannot see what is already possible, what is already here, what is already waiting for you.

The WAIT problem is something I am also guilty of it is basically a disconnection between what is truly possible and what you will LET happen.

Symptoms Include:

  • Limbo
  • Lack
  • Feeling stuck
  • No flow
  • No synchronicity
  • Procrastination
  • Over analysing
  • No inspiration
  • No energy
  • Fear
  • Deadness

Your life is only on hold when you are! My life is only on hold when I am… The world is waiting because you and I are.

It’s quite ironic really as we live in a society which hates to wait, que or be put on hold for anything, calling the bank, don’t even get me started, I can never get off the phone quick enough, queuing for food on your lunch break when you are really hungry, to be honest that shit just makes me angry and especially when you know every minute of waiting, is a minute closer to being back at your desk. Toilets when you are out at a club, queuing for a drink in a busy Bar, need I say more?


We have all been there.

Any NO WAITING sign is a guaranteed sale and yet the WAIT problem is most prevalent. Some more serious examples of the WAIT problems are as follows:

Relationships suffer because people wait for things to get good before they fully commit; they wait for the right signs instead of signing up.

People are lonely because they wait for love instead of being loving, we attract what we portray people. It is the same as waiting for friendship instead of just being a good friend.

At work, one of the biggest causes of poor team spirit (if you ever work in that kind of atmosphere which I once did and never will again as call centres SUCK!) is that everyone WAITS for the team spirit to get better by relying on the team leader.

People age prematurely because they wait to have fun after work, after chores, after bills, after this year, after retirement, after the children are settled.


When we were children we had fun all the time, just because we are adults does not mean we are too frigid to act silly and be stupid, no matter how old you get you always need to have those select few people in your life that you can be totally stupid with, if you have children you have even less of an excuse because children wont even judge you, unless they are over 10 years of age which by then you are just being “Gay” or seriously “Uncool parent”.

Have fun!

Healing takes longer because people wait to be well again before they choose happiness, wellness and love.


Silly conflicts can last forever if two people wait to get, what they will not even give out themselves. Each stupidly waiting for the other to make the “First move”.

Exhaustion, illness and failure happen because people wait to achieve success first before they take a chill pill, meditate, rest and balance out their life.

People struggle because they wait for life to get better before they give up struggle; they wait for peace instead of choosing peace.

The perfect antidote to waiting is willingness. Willingness is the great invocation, the philosopher’s stone, pure alchemy.

Willingness harnesses the true power of intention, trust, faith and more importantly commitment. It creates new opportunities and possibilities. That, combined with compromise inspires readiness and with readiness all things are possible!

“my cancer (star sign!) boyfriend has taught me to be much better at doing this whole compromising shit, he is literally the King of compromise in his very own right!”

The spiritual aphorism like in Kung Fu films when the student is ready the teacher appears, when the artist is ready inspiration appears, when YOU are ready opportunity appears and when the receiver is ready, the gift appears. (Aww)

But seriously now, just be ready to let yourself receive, be guided, be helped, let down your walls, just like me, my walls were built way to high! Now I am a receiver (Cheeky, stop it I know your thinking about dirty sex jokes) and I actually LISTEN because I really care about how I treat the people I love most  I am able to be helped and inspired, blessed and loved.

Be ready and willing as the truth is that NOTHING moves in this world without your willing it…

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