*The meaning of Vagenda Vixen*

Meaning of “Vagenda Vixen”

Understanding the word Vagenda: A hybrid of vagina and agenda.
Meaning either a woman’s to do list OR a list of daily tasks for her partner to complete to ensure her happiness.

Husband: “Hey hun. What’s on the vagenda today?” Wife: “I’m going to the gym, then to meet the girls for brunch. You need to grab the kids from swimming at 2 and pick up coffee. I’ll be home around 4.”

Vagina agenda, the act of fooling a man into thinking you’re his girlfriend, by using your vagina.

“He fell right into her vagenda!”
Using your feminine wiles to accomplish evil ends. Women using their sex appeal and charm to get what they want, the ability to have a hidden agenda purely based on having a vagina, don’t lie to yourself love, we have all done it and the best thing about it is men can’t even compete at this shit unless they have a boob job and an operation to turn their penises inside out, which in my opinion is cheating anyway! Disqualified.

Vixen If you don’t know what a vixen is or means, get the fuck off my page as you really don’t deserve to be here…

Vixen means: A female fox, an attractive and devious women. A malicious woman with a fierce temper.

This in no way is a description of me, just a name I decided to use for this blog as I thought it was pretty cool!


  1. I found it! Found the post. (If this doesn’t make any sense, look at my comment on your About page)

  2. journeyman1977 · · Reply

    FISH…should be my dang mantra 😉 I’m beginning to like this blog 🙂

    1. Lol 😀 I am glad you like it… I am very grateful! Thank you X

  3. “He fell right into her vagenda.” – The images this roused in my head…. Have you ever seen the John Leguizamo movie “Pest”? This reminded me of the part where he’s telling them how he lost his virginity…LMAO!

    1. LOOOL yh I have hun, ha never thought of that before, good observation hun, I know exactly what u mean 🙂

  4. sagedoyle · · Reply

    I ‘liked’ it but this is definitely a post for women lol

    1. Lol I agree with you sweetheart but thanks so much for reading anyway!

      1. sagedoyle · ·

        lol you’re welcome

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